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Some Friday Fun?

13:29 UK time, Friday, 15 February 2008

pandh203.jpgThere we were, all primed for the conclusion of the momentous McCartney-Mills divorce settlement hearing, when the grinding wheels of justice slowed to a snail's pace. The High Court hearing is being extended into week two.

If you've done the 7 days news quiz, you'll know that's bad news for us, the tabloid headline reading public. Already this week we've had "Hate days a week", "She hates you yeah, yeah, yeah" and, when things looked a little more upbeat, "We CAN work it out".

Before it gets any worse next week, Monitor readers are invited to seize the initiative and do a spot of reverse headline engineering. It works like this…

1. Come up with a Beatles song title
2. Then, magically summon a Paul and Heather scenario that might fit it neatly

"Do you want to know a secret" – Heather breaks confidentiality agreement and discloses settlement deal to the press


"Getting debter" – Sir Paul faces financial ruin after judge rules Heather can have the lot

Below is a selection of your Beatles song headlines and fictional explanations behind them.

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