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Random Stat

08:31 UK time, Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Random Stat hesitates to come across all smart and self-righteous like some of its Monitor contemporaries (no names mentioned, cough, Paper Monitor). Until now it has merely been a mute vessel charged with relaying to readers some of the more idiosyncratic statistical measures in the news. But with Valentine's Day in the offing, this week looks like being dominated by a slew of romantically-linked statistical findings, with more than a whiff of PR about them. Rather than take some principled stance against such naked publicity seeking, Random Stat hopes that by highlighting such findings it will alert others to the phenomenon. To wit, 12% prefer to receive or send Valentine's texts and e-mails rather than letters, cards or flowers.This compares to 70% of respondents who hoped to receive a Valentine's message or gift. The source of such a startling finding? A survey commissioned by none other than the Royal Mail.

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