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Thursday's Quote of the Day

09:15 UK time, Thursday, 21 February 2008

"Congratulations on your appointment. I have watched the careers of all your
predecessors and I am certain you will die a lonely death and be buried in a
traitor's grave"
- Europe Minister Jim Murphy reveals the first e-mail he received congratulating him on his appointment.

It's certainly succinct and to the point. Full marks for that. The author of the e-mail, left unnamed by Mr Murphy, may have been thinking of previous incumbents of the post, such as Keith Vaz, who have gone on to be embroiled in a scandal. Or the likes of Denis MacShane and Doug Henderson, whose ministerial careers petered out. Then of course there was Geoff Hoon, who went on holiday while defence secretary only to be roundly abused by the tabloids. Since Murphy's appointment, another former holder, Peter Hain, has also come a cropper.

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