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11:35 UK time, Tuesday, 26 February 2008

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So after yesterday’s dearth of Oscar coverage, a sigh of relief here at Paper Monitor Towers, on glimpsing the words red carpet throughout today’s press. Phew. At last.

And of course, with that extra day’s wait, the papers have had even more time to concentrate not only on who won what, but more importantly, who wore what. And boy, did they go for it.

Both the Times and Guardian have gone supersize LA-style with supplement specials on what they see as a litany of fashion triumph and faux pas. Notable amidst their weighty coverage was the lack of post-ceremony tittle tattle. Although the same cannot be said of the cheekier residents of Fleet Street - the Sun and Daily Mirror – for whom it’s all about the more ‘relaxed’ antics taking place at the after parties.

Even the self-proclaimed impartial Independent feels the need to pass judgement on the stars’ choice of attire, giving actress Jessica Alba the “when in doubt plant some parsley in your bodice” award. It went on in that typically Indy-wordy way to say that “this might also have been given The Most Boring Dress in The World Award were it not for the appearance of a bunch of strange, beetroot-coloured foliage at its bodice”. Miaow.

There is at least one consolation for those leaving the ceremony empty-handed. The fashionistas could never be accused of favouring a winner. This year’s prime example being flame-haired Brit, Tilda Swinton. If the winner of the Best Supporting Actress was the sort to let compliments rush to her head, the verdict on her dress would surely be enough to bring her back down to Earth with one almighty crash.

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