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12:13 UK time, Thursday, 21 February 2008

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Before the flurry of sarcastic e-mails noting Paper Monitor's tardiness, readers are invited to show their compassionate side. It was Brits night last night and everyone who is anyone was enjoying the after-show party.

OK, Paper Monitor might have been alone among the media cognoscenti in its "virtual" attendance, thanks to ITV2, but the effects of a late night in the company of Cheryl, Amy, Sir Paul and a remote control handset are no less pronounced. Did anyone know there was such a phenomenon as the Horlicks hangover?

Talking of Cheryl, there's something about the picture of her and fellow Girls Aloud band mates on page three of today's Daily Mirror that's distinctly odd. Faced with an image of the band set against a busy and distracting background of onlookers (who ARE those people who stand outside these events for hours on end?) the picture desk has clearly been a little overzealous on the Photoshop controls in a bid to make the Girls (capital "G" used advisedly here) stand out. They all seem to be silhouetted by a thin black line, and their colourful outfits feel almost drawn on. Watch out Charlie and Lola.

Quite perplexing. But with so much flesh on show from the likes of Girls Aloud and countless other identikit luxuriantly-coiffed blondes, there is little room to accommodate Cheryl Cole's only other serious competitor on the column inches front at the moment, Ms Winehouse. Clearly she just didn't do anything outstanding enough to warrant the attention, apart from singing… but who cares about that?

Away from the Earls Court cauldron there is just time to mention the Daily Telegraph's *refreshing* giveway today. Telegraph readers may remember it shining a spotlight on the bottled water debate earlier this week, with a tap v cap taste test. Writer Judith Woods signed off by advising readers:

"[N]ext time you feel thirsty and want to avoid opprobrium, don't hit the bottle. Stick to drinking juice or a 1992 jeroboam of Clos de Mesnil. Or, at a push, you could just turn on the tap."

Fast forward to today's Telegraph: "Lower your blood pressure with our free spring water".


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