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13:09 UK time, Tuesday, 5 February 2008

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Is Travelodge's publicity arm on performance-related pay?

Paper Monitor has been keeping a sly eye on the budget hotel chain's profile in the press over recent months and hardly a week seems to go by without a story about the firm.

Today's papers, including the Sun and Mirror, reveal the firm's latest wheeze – "non-itch" pyjamas. Since when did pyjamas become synonymous with itching?

There's no mention unfortunately that wearing these skin-tight hooded outfits risks making you look like an extra from Woody Allen's Sleeper although the Mirror throws in the random fact that that kids' TV show Bananas in Pyjamas was inspired by a 1967 song written by the nephew of Enid Blyton.

Among last month's Travelodge highlights was the launch of the firm's Nodcasts – MP3s to download that will help you get to sleep; a trawl through the chain's lost property office (mislaid items included keys to a Bentley, a 6ft by 6ft remote-control helicopter and a pet cat) and news of plans to build a Travelodge out of old shipping containers. And that's just what's been in the Sun.

The most compelling pictures of the day, however, are of the baby in Germany being thrown to safety from the third storey window of a blazing house.

It's a heart-stopping images of the baby mid-fall and the hunt is surely now on for the fireman who caught the infant.

Until then the hero of the moment is web designer-turned photo-journalist Rene Werse who captured the dramatic scene on camera. Citizen journalism has a new poster boy.

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