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16:22 UK time, Thursday, 31 January 2008

So the tax self assessment website is down, preventing people filing their tax return? I received my notice to complete a return last spring, did it during the summer and the balance was paid in September. The legal requirement is to do it by the 31st Jan, not on 31st Jan and the majority of people will have had plenty of notice. I know tax isn't the most exciting of topics, but putting anything off until the last minute is always asking for trouble.
Tom, Bedford, UK

I wonder how many of the 10% afflicted by belonephobia were able to finish reading the story? Presumably I wasn't alone in pressing the back button prematurely after the combination of photos and descriptions became too much to bear.
Tim Evans, Oxford, UK

Re: Shell profits. In my garage mineral water is dearer per litre than petrol, without having 66% tax. What are Evian's profits like?
MJ, Ingatestone Essex

If using a mobile phone before bedtime delays getting to sleep. Does that mean we should restrict use until AFTER bedtime?
Frank, Leeds, UK

Re: Today's Random Stat. My sister says that peach schnapps is one of her five-a-day. She also says that food from other people's plates has no calories in it. People love to deceive themselves... it's just fun.
Kevin Langley, Derby, UK

I didn't believe the hype before about the "Name Thing". Then I saw the name of one of the BBC's weather presenters.
Ben Merritt, Sheffield, England

As a law student, I was particularly tickled to learn that there were two Court of Appeal judges (who take the title Lord Justice) with the names Lord Justice Judge. Nominative determinism strikes again!
Nicky Stu, Highgate, London

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