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Your Letters

16:48 UK time, Friday, 25 January 2008

Re the story on pub rounds ("Getting your round in"), never before has the phrase "Enlarge Image" been so appropriate. However, I'm beginning to regret clicking on it!
Anthony Finucane, Dublin, Ireland

I bet the scientists who developed the carbon nanotubes are kicking themselves now that a puppy has beat them to achieving 'pure blackness'
Ben Robson, St Ives, Cambridge

Re David Richerby's comments about all-noun headlines (Your Letters, 24 January). An all-noun headline is a headline in which every word is a noun. In the example you gave, "over"' is clearly a verb. Here's a real example for you to enjoy: "Balloon crash safety changes call".
Ian A, York

Re "Brazil agrees to stem deforestation". Does that mean cutting down very small trees?
Mark Esdale , Bridge

Re nominative determinism, although not strictly current news... from "On This Day" - Lord Brain, one of the country's leading neurologists.
Ben, Braintree

A goth named Mr Graves ("Dog lead goths 'hounded off bus'"), I'm sure there is a Monitor related comment "dying" to be made. You see, that's what happen when you take away Punorama.
Danny C,

I am interested to know how Banksy gets more column inches on the BBC news website than most politicians ("Me and my Banksy"). He's not particularly original, what he does is illegal, and as much as I like his work it's not THAT important in the grand scale of things. Please find something else to write about.
Ben, Bristol

You can tell when a name is made up? (Your Letters, 24 January) I wonder how?
Ebenezer Thunderbucket, Birmingham, UK
Sending in letters under pseudonyms? The idea is laughable!
May Dupname, London, UK

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