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17:44 UK time, Monday, 14 January 2008

Re Luke L's letter (Your Letters, Friday), why is the very serious story of twins separated at birth who subsequently married (Parted-at-birth twins 'married') more suited to April Fools' Day? (Letters, Friday 11th January.) To anyone who was adopted and especially those who were "foundlings" and have absolutely no possibility of tracing their birth parents it is a very real issue. Please don't be so insensitive.
Andi, England

Why in this story Indian & Chinese Troops Co-operate does the picture show one soldier smashing bricks over another soldier's head with a sledge hammer? Is this the new meaning of co-operation for 2008 - should I go smash a few bricks over my manager's heads to foster co-operation there? Sounds good to me.
Pete W, Oban, UK

No, no, no, Lee from Manchester, one only uses "Yours sincerely" when the letter is addressed to a name: Dear Mr Smith, for example. In this case your letter should have finished "Yours faithfully". And this bad grammar being reproduced by the BBC? Shocking.

Helen , Bath

I realise Monitor doesn't have time to check out all the local press (so little time, so many skinny lattes to drink) so can I just bring you up to date on the big news in Northampton, as reported in the headlines of the Chronicle & Echo - "Northampton celebrities avoid Dancing on Ice skate-off." Even the oxymoronic "Northampton celebrities" is straight from the Alan Partridge school of journalism. It's joining my collection of uber-parochial headlines, along with my favourite, from a regional TV news magazine: "The Asian Tsunami - what does it mean for the Midlands?"
Michael, Peterborough

Re : "Monitor Note: 'Patience is a virtue, absence makes the heart grow fonder'" (Your Letters, Friday).
Me: "But the caption comp is a miss, we need pics on which to ponder".
Phil, Angus, Scotland

You forgot "out of sight, out of mind"
Henri, Sidcup

Re Harry Potter in Oxford's Capital of Culture pitch (Your Letters, Friday). I fear this is becoming a common trait. Lincoln Cathedral, according to Ruskin "out and out the most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles" is currently advertised as "home of the Da Vinci Code". Sigh.
Matthew, Lincoln, UK

Nice to see that Andy Murray has decided to follow in Tim Henman's footsteps by "crashing out", rather than by just losing.
Colin, Thatcham

Re 10 things [since corrected] 8. Octopi need mental stimulation. Octopus is derived from Greek. Words derived from Greek are usually pluralised like regular English words. So, 1 octopus, 2 octopuses. Correct Greek plural is octopodes, but like I said, Greek-derivatives are pluralised regularly. Unlike Latin ones.
Matthew Cowie, Cambridge, UK

I wonder if this letter, written at 1720GMT, is the latest-submitted letter ever to have been published.
David Richerby, Leeds, UK

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