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16:37 UK time, Monday, 7 January 2008

Gates joins Dancing on Ice stars
Gates hails age of digital senses
Well, someone's clearly been diversifying.
Alex Knibb, Bristol, UK

Perhaps I'm less susceptible to the "ahhh factor" than some of your readers, but my first thought in relation to Paper Monitor's story about Sgt Farthing was not "ahhhh" but "isn't that a flagrant violation of anti-rabies regulations?"
Adam, London, UK

Re 10 things (Friday, 4 January), there are actually 20 things pictured; while they may initially have been 10, they weren't when the picture was taken. This could set a very dangerous precedent.
Michael, Nuneaton

It's misleading statistics watch time again! This article bemoans that "Currently, just 19% of science teachers in England have a physics specialism and 25% a chemistry specialism - which equates to having studied either subject to degree level." Given that "science" includes physics, chemistry, biology and probably IT, then 25% of science teachers having a chemistry specialisation seems quite reasonable!
QJ, Stafford, UK

Hurrah! I've just discovered the secret of immortality and I thought I'd let Monitor readers know first... its CENSORED SO AS NOT TO SPOIL THE FUN
Ian, Redditch

So which lucky local gets to be Judas then?
Stuart, Croydon

Is there an "incandescent lightbulb manufacturers organisation" out there? Have they just hired new press people? I hope they're being paid well. Three stories suggesting problems with low-energy light bulbs in four days (this one, this one and this one). Low energy light bulbs - they may make you unwell, and you can't throw them away easily if they do.
Adam, London (Tooting), UK

Far be it for me to anthropomorphise inanimate objects, but does the train in the picture in this article look depressed?

Paul Dunning, Chelmsford

Re Helen Cumberbatch and a possible return of Caption competition (Fridays letters), how can the BBC have been given a 'partial all-clear' to host competitions? If the all-clear is only partial, then surely it isn't an ALL-clear. And, if the BBC has been given an all-clear, then it can't be partial.
James, Stirling, Scotland

Did anyone else expect the question about Scott v Shackleton ("One died, one came back alive. So who is the greater hero? ") to be answered with "There's only one way to find out - FIGHT!!!"?
Gareth, London, UK

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