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14:52 UK time, Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Oh BBC, you are spoiling us. When the assignment came in to visit a Greenpeace whale watching boat, who else could possibly be sent other than Jonah Fisher. Surely the perfect name for this.
Trev, York

I am looking forward to the letters from Paper Monitor readers explaining that their outlook would be about two feet higher if they followed the Independent's advice.
Alan Addison, Glasgow, UK

Re: New doctor training body needed. So they just get one? Now that's what I call a cutback.
Diane, Sutton

Following PM's note on the busiest day for busiest days, can I be the first to predict that in two weeks' time or so, the papers will be reporting on the most depressing day of the year? As defined by a spurious formula devised by a teenager doing work experience for a fame-hungry professor with an inferiority complex who never gets any proper work published, in his lunch-hour down the pub on the back of a fag packet? With, of course, accompanying "How to beat the winter blues" articles, advice on self-diagnosing Seasonal Affective Disorder and price comparisons on light boxes? My prediction is Tuesday 22 January.
Sally, London

Surely it's a bit pointless to have a "listen" button under "DJ Bacon on being silenced by throat op"
Jen, Wallasey, UK

Is nothing sacred? Even the door of the Tardis has a no smoking notice (which surely should be inside). I just hope the little girl takes note.
John Airey, Peterborough, UK

To Paul Dunning (Monday's letters): Please don't anthropomorphise inanimate objects - they hate it.
Colin Edwards, Exeter, UK

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