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16:20 UK time, Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Re Probe into wind turbine collapse: Judging by the picture, shouldn't the story read "was only able to produce a small amount of electricity"?
Stuart, Croydon

Has anyone tried to buy replacement Christmas tree bulbs after Christmas Day? Yes, I know I should have bought some spares before the 25th just in case, and sure enough my bulbs went out on 1 January and all the shops will not have any new bulbs until next Christmas. My local supermarket has replaced their Christmas display with a selection of Easter eggs. How very seasonal.
Gordon, Whitley Bay

Re Giant knickers put out house fire . There were so many references to these pants being gigantic that I presumed they must have been some sort of comedy prop bought as a jokey present. It was then revealed that the knickers were size 18-20. Given that I myself wear that size undercrackers, can you imagine how depressed I am? I might be ever so slightly bigger than Kate Moss but surely I am not GIANT? I bet you can guess what my new year resolution is now...
Naomi, Manchester

At last the identity of Paper Monitor is revealed (first picture).
John Airey, Peterborough, UK

Re 100 things, number 45: "Domestic cats can trace their descent to the Middle East." Well, that explains a lot. I'd been wondering what my cat was doing looking at all those genealogy sites on the internet. Now I know.
Adam, London, UK

Gary (Tuesday letters) may be needlessly worrying about Harry Potter plot spoilers. You don't know for sure that Harry didn't die in the last one. Taggart went on for years without the title character.
Alex Swanson, Milton Keynes, UK

Why is it a "mere" 22% that throw away food by its sell-by date? Shouldn't it say "An astonishing 22% of consumers are so profligate they throw out food according to its sell-by date (generally several days before its use-by or best before)".
Ian Smith, Leatherhead, UK

If only you'd run Raccoon-like animal found in UK again, I could fetch my coati.
Kip, Norwich, UK

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