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Paper Monitor

11:18 UK time, Monday, 28 January 2008

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

There's a special treat for those urban-dwelling readers who have access to Metro. Paper Monitor has always thought part of the paper's success was its lack of glitz or polish - it's a paper which could almost have been designed by a roadsign manufacturer. Metro mastheads

Today the paper has the results of a competition which invited readers to redesign the masthead. The result is like a sixth-form art project - but none the worse for it.

And the upshot of seeing 40 different varieties? Well, the original seems better than ever.

Change "happenz" according to the competition sponsor, Zurich, though Paper Monitor wonders when the winning mast head gets to take its place as lord of Metro’s front page.

The £10,000 of Bang and Olufsen equipment prize that Metro is showing off about is pipped by £30,000 in hard cash for the designer of the new look 50p piece.

Britannia gets the boot from the tails of the coin, says the Guardian, and the Daily Express warns Mr Brown he’ll rue the day he authorised binning Britain’s great warrior symbol.

The Express is troubled by disappearing Britain, but nothing inspires collective British spirit like an extremely flash car getting a parking ticket in Manchester city centre.

The tabloids’ favourite public enemy – the traffic warden – coyly receives a round of applause from enthusiastic shoppers for stinging the owner of a £1m Bugatti Veyron.

Simon Cowell drives a Veyron, but this illegally-parked model was hotly rumoured to belong to David Beckham.

If only Becks had blazed through the throng and back to the car, instead of the non-celeb "bloke in tracksuit top" who innocently spoiled the possible perfect photo story of the day.

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