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13:05 UK time, Tuesday, 15 January 2008

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Never to be shamed on the etiquette front, Paper Monitor wishes to apologise for being late to the crease this morning (ok, if you insist, afternoon). It's just that once you get into a good old Greek myth, it's almost impossible to put it down.

Yes, Paper Monitor is, if you'll forgive the name-checking of a rather dishonourable seam in compilation albums from the 80s, hooked on classics.

And it's all thanks to the Guardian, which is giving away a series of Greek myth booklets each day this week. Regardless of the fact that yesterday's offering, entitled The Power of Love, omitted to mention the substantial contribution of that seminal classical author Hueyos of Neuripodes, Paper Monitor has been engrossed in today's edition which orients itself in the ancient city of Thebes.

Now Paper Monitor makes no secret of its magpie tendencies – a bit of Daily Mail today, a bit of Financial Times tomorrow (actually, make that the day after) – but it's starting to fear for the sanity of your fully paid-up Guardianista.

Having just finished collecting the Official British Army Fitness Programme (last week's series of giveaway booklets), he/she is facing several days of getting up to speed with the exploits of Amphitryon, Actaeon, Alcmene… and that's just the "a"s.

And while we're on the subject of names that warrant a second reading, Paper Monitor is crushed to hear of the alleged backbiting on the set of every Cbeebies fans' favourite alternative universe – In the Night Garden.

If ex-Tombliboo, actor Isaac Blake, who is locked in an employment tribunal, is to believed, this idyllic land which is a televisual metaphor for multi-cultural coexistence, is a seething pit of resentment and bigotry.

Clerk, this needs to be corroborated - call the Ninky Nonk.

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