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16:10 UK time, Thursday, 6 December 2007

Re A Scottish divorce... who gets the kids?: I assume that those of us south of the border would pretty much have to put up with whatever the Scots say we can have, given that our nukes are all based in Scotland.
Adam, London, UK

Regarding Smith plans 42-day terror limit, I wonder where that leaves all those terrorists who want to terrorise people for 43 days?
David, Aberdeen

Dear Paper Monitor, your "obvious" solution to the litter tray problem simply leaves the non-cat owner to clear up someone else's pet's mess. Not nice. Ethical litter trays all round please!
Lisa, Cambridge, UK

Janet Hayes' letter (Thursday's letters) reminds me of a joke. How do you surpise an elephant? Buy him a present when it's not his birthday. I didn't say it was a good joke. This is what happens when you take away punorama.
Dylan, Reading, UK

So who says Santa (Thursday's Daily-Mini Quiz) is limited to 34 millionths of a second at each stop? The evidence is that he gets it all done in 24 hours, so clearly he's only using 17 millionths of a second per stop. PS I've asked for a coat.
Diane, Sutton

Regarding the random stat that 33% people unaware of hidden Christmas alcohol - was I the only one to read this as a suggestion to check all the cupboards if I fancy a drink when I get home?
Viv, Newcastle

I was told that sherry trifle was invented by the Victorians as a socially acceptable way for women to imbibe without it being apparent that they were..
Rhona, England

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