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15:47 UK time, Monday, 3 December 2007

Regarding today's random stat. Personally, I'm surprised the figure for happy children is as high at 78%. If you asked the average kid "are you happy right now?", you'd most likely get a "no" and one of the following: "I'm hungry" "my best friend isn't talking to me" "They used up all my marker" "I want a " "Mum won't let me "
Then it's all forgotten 5 minutes later.
Aine, London

Wow, that was fast reporting on the dinosaur story! It was only found eight years ago!
Ben Foster, Aylesbury

"Cat, 26, could be record breaker". Well, no. The page itself links to descriptions of two older cats.
Hamish McGlobbie, Leeds

Shouldn't this have been reported in 1999?
Andy, Leeds, UK

Hands up anyone who thought MM and PM were getting political.
Andy, Leeds, UK

Could I suggest a subset of the most e-mailed list for animal-related stories? In the past few days we've had a super-annuated cat, at least two puppies and a confused swan... That way, some non-animal stories might make it onto the list. Not that I'm complaining... if a small animal has its head stuck in something humorous, the public must know!
Claire, Oxford

STOP including Metro in the paper review. The BBC's bias to the south, cities and hence London in particular is legendary and hideously offensive to most of us licence payers elsewhere. National papers only please. Angry of (rural) Essex
Murf, Not London

Just been diagnosed with kleptomania. I'll get somebody else's coat....
Chris Kenny, Southampton, England

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