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Paper Monitor

11:15 UK time, Thursday, 6 December 2007

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How ethical is wrapping paper? Surely that is the question that should be troubling the Guardian's green columnist Leo Hickman today, as all week the paper is giving away wrapping paper (designed by actual artists).

But no, he's banging on about ethical cat litter (surely the most ethical solution is for the moggy to go outside... in both senses of the word "go"). Given that Leo goes on to suggest a litter that can be composted in the garden - in its own heap - it seems that he's lost sight of the obvious.

We digress.

So it is to the Guardian's digital archive that Paper Monitor turns for advice on wrapping paper. It's one of the biggest sources of waste each Christmas, according to an article published last December, "with more than 8,000 tonnes being used each year - the equivalent of approximately 50,000 trees".

And some of those trees are being cut down as we speak to make tomorrow's Barbara Kruger-designed gift-wrap. Is this a case as do as we say but not as we do? No mention is made of newsprint gift-wrap, but they do suggest using old newspapers. "It may take some imagination to make this look nice - you could dress your gift up with reusable ribbons, or make sure you use an appropriate piece for each person, so using paper looks thoughtful rather than cheap."

Paper Monitor, who wraps gifts in leftover wall charts, has no problem with looking cheap. But is now fully briefed should circumstances call for passing this trait off as concern for the environment.

Kermit was wrong. It's easy being green.

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