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15:51 UK time, Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Did anyone else read the piglet story and wonder why there was a duvet in the manager's office?
Bridget, Slough, UK

I think I might apply for a managerial position at Tesco now that I know you get to have a duvet in your office!
Jen, Wallasey, UK

"Muslims are not a monolithic people, they're every class, colour and creed" - surely not different creeds! If you don't follow the religion, how can you be a Muslim?
Mary-Ann, Cambridge, UK

Paper Monitor's calculations on how long it would take to listen to 1000 albums make an important assumption: that you listen to them sequentially. If you listen to several at once, you could get through them all much quicker. And I strongly suspect that, given the quality of most albums produced these days, your overall listening pleasure would not be affected.
Adam, London, UK

MM, of course they weren't suggesting you should illegally download the 1,000 albums, they were implying that you should borrow them from your local library. At mine, it's £1 per album for two weeks. And that's just a little bit awesome, I'm sure you'll agree!
Ben, Aylesbury

Spark up, PM! Surely, the Grawn is listing these albums to boost interest in its forthcoming super-duper freebie ALBUM GIVEAWAY!
Sam, France

"In this era of cultural relativism, darn, isn't every albums ever released just a beautiful manifestation of aural statement?" Who are you and what have you done with our Paper Monitor???
Helen C-W, Skipton

I read the article about "popping bubbles to treat cancer" to my dog and he was really upset that a sensor has been developed which can "hear" the tiny bubbles bursting at a sound which is a thousand times too high for dogs to hear. Since giving up sheep herding he had been considering a research career but now says he'll stick with farming. I'll get my coat and his lead.
Alan, Ramsey

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