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15:43 UK time, Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Re Symbian dismisses Google Android - am I the only one who reads that like a Dr Who plotline?
Alex D, Southampton, UK

Does it annoy anyone else that when the media show a photo of someone who has been accused of a crime (or even someone who is just being questioned about it), they somehow manage to find a dreadful, suspicious-looking photo of them that screams "I'm guilty", where they are looking down and away from the camera, usually wearing old clothes and with dishevelled hair? Presumably they could just as easily find a nice, normal attractive photo of them where they are smiling and looking directly at the camera, since they seem to manage that for any victim of a crime/accident.
James Murray, Gloucester

Re random stat: if pudding consumption has fallen how come all we hear about is obesity?
Tim McMahon, Pennar, Wales

Further to Tuesday's letters, the Queen obviously keeps what all proper grans keep in their bags - soft tissues, astral cream, a comb and a brolly - perhaps some boiled sweets if Philip is lucky....
Angharad Beurle-Williams, Brixton, London

I was able to observe Her Majesty a few months ago (at the 90th anniversary of the 3rd battle of Passchendaele in Belgium) and, having always been intrigued by this very same question, I had a good look. On this occassion she got out her glasses, a hanky and a packet of mints (passing one to Prince Philip). When the service had finished, she put her order of service in her handbag as well.
Gill, Norwich

Re Police to get post-charge powers: Haven't they got enough to do without worrying about whether we're putting enough stamps on stuff?
Graham, Frome

The "(left)" accompanying the final two pictures in The epitome of glamour? is surely superfluous. I'm not aware of anyone who would mistake Anna Wintour for Her Majesty.
Susan, Nottingham

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