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15:36 UK time, Thursday, 1 November 2007

Anyone else notice the blatant use of product placement advertising in the article about mystery sage? Just look at what is next to the said plant in the photo under the words ".....there was something very comforting about the whole thing."
Christina, Bath

Re your story "Police ordered to delete records", is this a case of 'If you love somebody set them free'?

Singapore Airlines offered double beds in First Class on their new A380 service, and then we read "Airline bans A380 mile-high club". They really didn't think this through, did they?
HB, London

In the finest tradition of pedantry I'd like to point out to MJ Simpson (Letters, Wednesday) that "talking with the dead" implies two-way conversation (with the dead talking back). Had it said "talking TO the dead" then MJ might have had a point.
Rich, Titchfield Common, UK

Edward Green's argument (Letters, Wednesday) may be correct but his example isn't. Even if there really was a "one in three chance", in his example there is still an 8/27 chance(about 30%) that none of the three applicants get in - hardly "practically certain". Can I have that stats apprenticeship please?
Ian, Winchester, UK

Are your picture researchers are having a lazy day? The picture of 'Man's stomach' in the "Too much to ask?" article, is the same as 'an obese child' pictured in the "Child obesity alert plan pondered" article from 22 October!
Bob, Bromley

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