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20:26 UK time, Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Re DIY Sputnik: if it's really so easy to build your own, does that mean it's not exactly rocket science?
Adam, London, UK

I couldn't help but chuckle at the arrangement of the articles on the Magazine. Next to Is it OK for a disabled person to go to a brothel? you find The art of coming second. Well done.
Andy Simpson, London

Sorry to come across a bit liberal about Is it OK for a disabled person to go to a brothel? but surely it should be "is it OK for anyone to visit a brothel" - whether they're disabled or not really shouldn't make a difference.
Silas, London, UK

Yes there clearly is a worrying growth in the incidence of obesity but is it too much to ask journalists (and scientists, who should know better) to avoid talking of an epidemic of obesity. An epidemic means simply the prevalence of a disease in a particular place at a certain time. Obesity is not, of itself, a disease merely a condition which tends to increase the risk of a number of diseases.
Andrew Cullum, London, UK

Quick question re the random stat. How can the survey be called a global snapshot when it doesn't include the US? I for one would be interested to know the statistics from there.
Helen C-W, Home of the Gods, Yorkshire

I was wondering if Rob Goforth from Monday letters would be interested in teaming up with me as a comedy double act.
Jim Multiply, Teesside

Ian, I suspect you coming second in your game of squash cheered up the person who came first (Monday letters).
Mandy, Leeds

What is Melenie talking about (Monday letters)? The article says at the end that Asterix wasn't named for the * symbol. 10 things says he was named Asterix so he'd be at the beginning of the encyclopaedia - because his name begins with an A. So why exactly are you upset?
Ailsa, London

Did Melanie never read Asterix? All Gaulish characters had names ending in “-ix” which sound like real words but with the ending modified. I'm sure both the BBC and Mr Underzo know that an asterisk is not Asterix - but the humour is in the similar sounds - e.g. Vitalstatistix (chief), Getafix (druid), Cacophonix (bard).
Sarah, Bishop's Stortford, UK

Re Christian Cook's letter about monkeys overrunning Delhi (Monday letters), I believe that this will eventually result in guerrilla warfare.
Joe Townsend, Cambridge

Does anyone else have this cold that's been going around?
Michael Hall, Croydon, UK
Monitor note: Oh yes

PS: Apologies for the late publication. The Technical Gremlins were back this afternoon - only this time they had teeth. Having been struck down by an attack several months ago, the Monitor bravely fought its ruinous foe to the furthest recesses of Gremlinland. But clearly they have been mustering their forces. The Monitor apologises for any delays in publishing its daily content.

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