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15:53 UK time, Tuesday, 9 October 2007

I'm wondering if the Royal Mail bosses are missing a lateral thinking trick - start paying their employees by cheques sent through the mail in anonymous-looking envelopes.
Zed, Cumbria

Re: Random stat. So how many people rarely use the back seat and prefer to put their children in the boot?
Jonathan, Bury St Edmunds, UK

On the blue diamond story, we hear that "the stone sold for $1.32m per carat, easily beating the previous record of $926,000 per carat. That was set by a red diamond sold in New York 20 years ago." Point of curiosity - does this really count as breaking the record, when the value of $926k 20 years ago was clearly higher than the value of $1.32m now?
Kat Murphy, Coventry

Stoo, (Monday's letters) you don't have to take the Rubiks Cube apart to complete it. It can be solved by taking all the stickers off and putting them back in the right place.
Andy Nichols, London

Having carried out investigations on the improved editorial standards of the Telegraph and the Guardian following their price rises, will the Paper Monitor investigate whether the Sun's price cut to 20p marks a falling in its editorial standards?
Alastair, Sutton, Surrey

Well done BBC News! You managed to carry a story about newts in London without any reference to Ken Livingstone whatsoever!
Paul Clare, Nottingham

"Pressure time in the school race" was slightly overzealous with the metaphorical use of stock imagery. We had "There are schools which use a lottery to allocate places" with a picture of a lottery ticket, then "Decisions about places will cast a long shadow" with a picture of some long shadows. Best of all though was the picture at the top of the story of people jumping through hoops with the slightly-too-literal caption "A demonstration of the hoops parents will have to jump through" implying that parents will actually have to jump through hoops. Excellent.
HB, London

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