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16:20 UK time, Friday, 5 October 2007

In DC, we also have a problem of this overabundance of black squirrels. However, this is due to human intervention back in the early 1900s, when they decided to restore the squirrel population to its former glory (which had fallen to record lows due to hunting) by importing those creatures here. I think the people had it right in the first place, since there is nothing scarier than meeting one of these things in an alley in the early hours of the morning...
Anika, Washington DC

Yes, David Skene-Melvin (Letters, 4 October) , I have seen a red squirrel with my own eyes. It was in Hamburg 11 years ago.
Michael Hall, Croydon, UK

I'm 'white' - interestingly referred to by my colour in your random stat .... I could be from any number of countries.... Is this racist or just a generally poor effort?
Mark Champion, Braco, Scotland

Today's random stat is astonishing. Do, for example, 72% of Chinese really feel strong ties to Britain? How many of them have even been here? I guess we should be flattered: I doubt that even 1% of Brits feel strong ties to China.
Adam, London, UK

Were the two people who stole that woman's car females about to undergo sex change operations?
Jen, Wallasey, UK

Re the peacock attempting to mate with the peacock blue car... Peacocks are blue. Peahens are brown. So I doubt this peacock was trying to mate with the car - not in the traditional sense anyway.
Michelle B, London

I was amused to read about the Morse code used in the theme tune for "Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em". Imagine my disappointment when a colleague pointed out that the first three dots in the "v" are actually a triple, (three notes in the space of two) and as such should be neither dots nor dashes. I don't know what I am more annoyed about, the fact that It's not right, or that fact that I was made aware of the fact...
Dan Wilkinson, Chesterfield, UK

If John Airey (Thursday letters) can get a second bite at the Morse code cherry (see Letters, 11 March 2005), then so can I (see Letters, 14 March 2005).
Neil Golightly, Manchester, UK

Definitely don't hug this hoodie .
Stoo, Lancashire, UK

Nomination for quote of the day: "Sword swallowers should not swallow swords if they already had a sore throat"
('Gay bomb' scoops Ig Nobel award)
Andrew Agerbak, Harrow, Greater London

People who are amused at "Animals-Doing-Funny-Things " (today's PM) obviously don't have enough children...
Rosie, UK

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