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15:59 UK time, Thursday, 4 October 2007

Yesterday's story asked Can the squirrel problem be solved? Maybe today's Random Stat can help provide a solution...
Ray Lashley, Colchester, UK

Is there really a red squirrel? It's a rare pleasure for us to see a grey squirrel amongst an overabundance of its black cousins.
David Skene-Melvin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Re: todays Random Stat. Or should this be meaningless stat? Does it mean that if an animal is in the road, the man is 49% more likely to hit it? Or are there 49% more male drivers? Or are male drivers more likely to be out and about when animals are on the road (early in the morning or late at night). Or what, really? And anyway, as research goes, I think I'd have preferred the "jogging breasts" (in todays "most e-mailed") job!!
Dave Morris, Staines

I find today's "Random Stat" reassuring. It must surely be better for a driver to hit an animal than to hit a female driver.
Adam, London, UK

And there was me thinking that was about the twinges caused by incorrect usage of 'less' and 'fewer'...
HS, Cambridge

Following on from the Morse Code in Some Mothers Do Ave Em, many mobiles use SMS in Morse to alert you that you have a text message.
John Airey, Peterborough, UK

John Whapshott, you say, "Trev (Tuesday's letters), in the context you use it cant should be written can't, with an apostrophe.". Please note, the word "it" should be followed by a comma, and the words "cant" and "can't" should have quotation marks around it. Are Magazine Monitor delibately putting misteaks in our Coments?
Johnny, York

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