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15:38 UK time, Friday, 28 September 2007

Re Smoking drivers risk prosecution, which quotes the road safety minister thus: "If you're lighting up with one hand and have a fag in the other hand then obviously you've not got any hands on the wheel". Now I'm not a smoker, but I'm frankly worried about Jim Fitzpatrick's two-handed lighting-up technique. If you are lighting up with one hand and have a fag in the other hand, what have you got in your mouth?
Stuart Tyrrell, Rochdale, UK

If Jim Fitzpatrick thinks that you need to hold a cigarette in your hand to light it, is it possible that he has never smoked?
Catherine O, Maidenhead, UK

We are being urged to replace our old light bulbs with the energy-saving versions. China has been mass producing these at low-cost since 2001, but the EU deemed it necessary to impose huge import-tariffs until 2008. Put your money where your mouth is and let us buy these planet-saving devices.
James Barnes, Guildford

Re Bush hits out at 'brutal' Burma which says that "George W Bush has led international condemnation of Burma". Presuming that Mr Bush was neither the first person to condemn Burma nor the person for whom others were waiting before they did so themselves, who decides who, if anyone, leads in such situations?
Paul Clare, Nottingham

Why does Mark Damazer think that the shipping forecast is uniquely English? I love lying in bed listening to it and picturing myself at Malin Head when that particular place is mentioned - and glad I'm cosy and warm having stood there on many a blustery day. A spectacular place though - it is like the edge of the world.
Colette, Belfast

Wot? Only one toilet seat? Actually, if you check the auction catalogue, there's a pair of 'em - quite appropriate given the auction's in Toulouse, really...
Fred, Rotherham

London Plane trees at Heathrow Airport - how unexpected.
Ralph, Cumbria

Maybe Spot checks threat to NHS refers to a new security dog (Thursday letters)?
Chris, Kettering

Regarding the ice cream van in the Mongol Rally (Thursday letters), may I be the 319th person to look it up on Wikipedia and tell you that exceptions to the capacity rule "may be considered for vehicles of notable unusualness with high comedy value". So that's alright then.
Keith Edkins, Cambridge, England

It carried only one litre of ice-cream, clearly.
Michael Houghton, Tunbridge Wells, England

Am I the only one to notice the suspicious-looking smoking device in picture nine of An ice cream adventure?
Keith, Nuneaton

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