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15:25 UK time, Monday, 24 September 2007

Well done for highlighting the exoneration of Robert Murat. His vilification in the press was a disgrace and only came about because they felt they had been made to look foolish by Huntley and didn't want to have it happen again. the tabloid press should be ashamed of their conduct, but no doubt they will attempt to sweep it under the carpet and pretend their character assassination of him never happened.
Ian C, Kent

Re Random Stat - hopefully the missing 6% use the train. Otherwise, I'm at a loss to explain why it's so crowded every day.
Rich, Bristol, UK

Regarding Random Stat : All the besuited gents and ladies on the train this morning were obviously tourists, I always suspected as much.
Bas, London

Re 10 Things and Gordon Brown breaking with prime ministerial "convention" to have a mobile phone - just how many of our prime ministers have even been in a position to refuse to have a mobile phone? You give the impression that Churchill was constantly texting his mates, and Gladstone sat in cabinet playing the latest Crazy Frog ringtone...
Nicky Stu, Highgate, London

How many of the DJs in the picture of the Radio 1 story can you name? So far I have Jimmy Saville, David Hamilton, Mike Read, Tony Blackburn, John Peel, Alan Freeman, Noel Edmonds, Ed Stewart and DLT. But who's the bored guy at the back?
Martin, Stevenage.

Re: Jail for 172mph Porsche motorist
Can someone please tell me what car the police were driving to enable them to catch him?
Stuart Allabush, Croydon

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