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Paper Monitor

10:50 UK time, Tuesday, 11 September 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Page one headline from today's Times: "Will the McCanns lose their twins? See pages 6,7"

Page six from today's Times: "Child protection experts will now meet the couple to assess whether their twins, Amelie and Sean, are in any way at risk. Child welfare experts told the Times that involvement by the social services was inevitable and did not mean that the children would be taken into care."

Moving on… the Mirror is one of several papers to highlight the story of a size zero model who has been turned down by a "top London modelling agency" for being too thin. The "size zero" debate is sure to get a lot more coverage, with the independent Model Health Inquiry publishing its report on Friday and London Fashion Week next week.

On a similar tack, the Mail draws attention to Angelia Jolie's "knobbly" knees. Jolie "appears to have lost a drastic amount of weight since giving birth… in May last year".

So, are we all agreed that severe weight loss is a bad thing? Skinny/bony is worrying on a woman - curves are a reassuring sign of a healthy diet.

What then do the tabloids make of mother-of-two Britney Spears' comeback dance performance at the MTV awards?

"BRITNEY'S TUM-BACK" says the Mirror. "Star (belly) flops at relaunch". "Given Britney Spears' troubled lifestyle, attempting a comeback at a top awards show was going to take guts. And she showed them all right…"

The Mail settles for a more minimal "paunchy".

Finally, Paper Monitor apologises for overlooking an exclusive extract from Graeme Le Saux's new autobiography in yesterday's press. The ex-England player famous for reading the Guardian, addresses at some length the link between his choice of newspaper and taunts from other footballers about his sexuality.

"It gave substance to the gossip that I was homosexual: Guardian reader equals gay boy," says Le Saux.

Paper Monitor of course, is on the look out for a 12.1% rise in the Guardian's editorial standards to reflect its 10p price hike. An extract from Le Saux's biography might go some way to justifying the rise. Unfortunately, it was published in the Times.

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