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My passport photo

12:38 UK time, Friday, 21 September 2007

passports416.jpgThey've shown you theirs, now we want to see yours.

It's always been a source of fun to sneak a peek at someone else's passport photo.

And now, because of stringent new criteria for biometric passports, it has become quite an undertaking.

By far the biggest challenge is to assume an expression sufficiently neutral to be rubber-stamped by the passport office, but one which retains a reassuring hint of warmth so as not to attract the wrong sort of attention at border control.

Even the tricks we were once able to use to look a little less like the mugshot on a WANTED poster are off-limits.

So the Monitor is asking readers to follow the lead of Jeffrey Archer, Kate Nash and David Cameron (above). Your passport photos can be e-mailed to and have the subject line "PASSPORT", with a description of no more than 100 words.

scarlett203.jpgUpdate: Day three
"I managed to do everything wrong in my passport photo seven years ago and yet they accepted it. It was only after I showed my new passport to my parents that I was told how lucky I was. I've never been stopped at passport control either; I'd like to think that's because of my cheeky smile."
Scarlett Trewavas

stephen203.jpgUpdate: Day two
"This was taken about 20 years ago on a day when my round gold-rimmed glasses broke and I bought a pair of used 1970s-style goggles that I found in a small shop that, amazingly, I could see through perfectly. Elton John would have been proud."
Stephen Ernest Smith, Missouri

10weeks203.jpgDay one:
"This was taken when my daughter was 11-days-old for her Dutch passport. It looks nothing like her but after trying for an hour to get a newborn to open her eyes for the photo, we took the first one we could. The poor thing has to have this in her passport for the next four years."
Jennifer ten Wolde

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