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18:37 UK time, Thursday, 30 August 2007

I know you are using quotes, which indicate the title shouldn't be believed - but I still disagree with "'One in five' teens drink-drives". The survey asked whether they have, not whether they regularly do. I imagine the rates for the general public who have driven under the influence will be higher than one in five merely due to the increased time behind the wheel.
Andrew, Malvern, UK

Re the "beta feature" - with two requests how could I possibly refuse. In software development the various phases are labeled alpha and beta. The alpha stage describes the early development where thing are unlikely to be fully functioning and various features still need to be written. In the beta stages the software is more or less finished, and it being tested to bugs and usability issues. Photo sharing website flickr until recently claimed it was in gamma phase, a reference to the permanent state of development of websites, and a subtle dig at the permenent beta status of many Google projects.
James, Edinburgh, UK

Re Steve C's query about including a hyperlink. To include a hyperlink (presuming we're using html here) you need to type [a]here's the link[/a], with triangular brackets instead of square. See, Monitor, it's not so hard to explain!
Natalie Kingston, York, UK

Steve C, has it crossed your mind that the hyperlinks are added by MM before publishing the letters?
Katie, Salisbury, England

I don't get it. Custard Creams are vile.
Jack Hatfield, Brighton

I was shocked, disgusted and appalled at the bigotry implied by the title "Athletics: Gay wins second gold". I was all set to complain, but then I read the article. How disappointing.
Keith, Loughborough

Rather than "gesturing as though addressing a crowd" it looks to me as if the statue of Nelson Mandela shows him dancing like a robot circa 1984.
Ian C, Kent

Re Paper Monitor, looking at the Politics97 archive of Diana's funeral, I noticed this line from the Daily Express: "Never before, in the long and anguished history of the human race," says the Express, "has anyone been mourned as Diana is today. Never has there been such an aching sense of loss." That about sums up their position today, doesn't it?
Craig Thomson, Edinburgh, Scotland

Instead of continuing to report what events Amy Winehouse has pulled out of, wouldn't it just be easier to tell us when she is going to appear at something. "They tried to make me go to work, and I, no, no."
Stoo, Lancashire, UK

In the interests of pedantry, I have to point out that the M25 is not circular (and certainly not spherical). It has two ends, joined by the A282. Physicists hope this may be able to explain the phenomenon whereby, on entering the motorway, time can be completely stopped for several hours.
Rob Foreman, London, UK

So the government has used the High Court to grant them an injunction that could see the striking prison officers fined, or "even jailed" ... has no one seen the potential paradox here?
Martin Houlden, Marlborough UK

Since when did athletics world champions receive a fried egg for their troubles?
Chris, London

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