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15:06 UK time, Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Oh please make your mind up. On 4 June 2007 T Rex is a 'plodder' with a top speed of 25 mph. On 21 August 2007 T Rex is 'faster than your average footballer', with a top speed 18 mph. Can we please have a definitive speed comparison for T Rex. And soon. Say within the lifespan of your average pterodactyl.
Vicky, East London

I think I've spotted a conspiracy in your article on people leaving the UK. 574,000 immigrated, 385,000 emigrated, leaving a net immigration of 189,000 people. Take that away from the overall increase of 349,000 and you get 160,000 extra people generated from within the UK. Yet you state that these figures 'suggest' 159,000 more births than deaths. So where are you 'suggesting' the other thousand came from? Is there a secret cloning facility somewhere?
Susannah, Derby

Is it right to say that Owen and Smith have earned their place in the England side? What have they done to "earn" it apart from stay relatively injury free when so many other strikers higher up the pecking order have not?
DT, Somerset

In Jeremy Vine's thug story, he initially says he was reading a magazine, then later mentions a 700-page Oscar Wilde biography. Was the great DJ hiding his erudition behind a copy of FHM?
Sheldon Price, Manchester

The number of people who add 'you'll never publish this' at the end of their missive may like to know the following story from my university days. The Hertfordshire University student mag (published monthly at the time) had its share of people writing odd and surreal letters, most of whom ended with, 'but you'll never publish this as you're controlled by the university' or similar. The editor finally had enough and, on the front page of the next issue wrote, "To all those who have said that 'you will never publish this as you are controlled by the university', I am about to prove you wrong. Please turn to page 3." When we turned to page 3 there, in big bold letters taking up the whole page, was one word....THIS.
Martin, Stevenage

This is a fabulous headline game, but can you put the answers at the end, or slightly lower down or something because it's hard to read the headline and make a guess without reading the answer.
Jonathan Brooks, Brighton

Why do you bother with letters about letters about stories about Pete Doherty? Nobody really cares that nobody really people that... er... oh, my brain hurts.
Ken, Bucks

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