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16:11 UK time, Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The map on Uncrowded skies shows something called Nottingham East Midlands Airport. East Midlands Airport did indeed add Nottingham to its name in 2003, which baffled and annoyed people in equal measure because the airport is in Leicestershire and the nearest city is Derby. Last December, it sensibly reverted to just East Midlands Airport.
MJ Simpson, Leicester, UK

Was that a Freudian slip by Paper Monitor today, as a result of Roy Keane's comments? "Wayne Rooney's financee Coleen McLoughlin..."
I'll get me coat.
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

I'm a horrible person. I had my suspicions before, but I fear laughing at the headline Chernobyl 'not a wildlife haven' has made it official.
Sophie, Ireland

And I'd like to nominate it as the least surprising headline of the week.
Sam, London

I'm no meteorologist, but a simple look at the grey skies out of my window and the sound of the rain lashing against it, is telling me that your weather forecast for Liverpool of dry with sunny spells is not correct.
Lottie D, Liverpool

Middle-age most miserable for men has worried me. It says "Men in their late 30s and early 40s are the least satisfied members of society". Speaking as one who is past their early 40s, does that mean I'm no longer middle-aged? So am I now old-aged?
Alan Hyde, Hornchurch, Essex

Just to tell you how much I miss the caption competition. It wasn't really a competition, but a bit of wit and humour and fun. Please, please bring it back.
Cheryl Brook, Cambridge

I answered 80% for today's mini-quiz. Unfortunately I was wrong. The true answer is "0x1.a1c6b40337a09p-883ccording to the British Toy and Hobby Association".
Ralph, Cumbria

Is there a subliminal message in the daily mini-quiz today? Here are my back account details...
DJM, Scotland

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