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15:49 UK time, Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Re Out of office, out of time: I wonder how many corporate email servers are now choking under the strain of all those extra Out of Office messages since this story? And how many people to have emailed this story on have received an Out of Office message in reply?
Smert, Dundee

In Roads warning as bad weather hits, we are told "The [Highways] agency said motorcyclists may be affected by turbulence caused by large vehicles, so should keep well back when overtaking high-sided vehicles." Wouldn't that make it quite difficult to overtake?
Adam, London, UK

I thought men were supposed to be unable to multi-task. In Police inspector had sex on duty we hear of a policeman who is accused of having sex with a woman at Gatwick while on duty, which apparently took 20 minutes in an office. During this "meeting" he "kept in contact with his office by mobile and radio". What a busy day!
Boots, Epsom

Regarding "Pot belly linked to heart disease" - does this count as something we already knew?
Dr Toes, Carharrack

Re pot belliesbeing linked to health risks: the story explicitly says that the waist-to-hip ratio is the crucial measurement, but you only supply us with waist circumferences to measure against. Please give us the figures which, by your own admission, are the most reliable.
Sarah, London

On regards to the 'Chav-hunt' video. Young people? Having a laugh? How dare they!
Neil, Stafford, UK

Paul Clare's comments (Monday's letters) regarding Only Fools & Horses, did the question specify that the most influential comedy had to influence subsequent comedies? As far as I can tell it just had to be influential and there's not many people in the UK that wouldn't recognise the Delboy quote.
Mike Henry, Reading, UK

Re Rancher aims high to escape crocs - dare I ask why there is no mention of the fate of the horse?
Angharad Beurle-Williams, Brixton, London

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