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Paper Monitor

11:32 UK time, Thursday, 30 August 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

On Tuesday the Daily Mail reprinted its 1997 coverage of Princess Diana's death to mark the ninth year and 362th day anniversary of her passing. Today the Times pulls the same trick with a special pull-out "commemorative issue" - that's 12 pages of articles, pictures and chin-stroking comment from "that astonishing week in September 1997".

Two thoughts strike while flipping respectfully through the pull-out section. Doesn't the broadsheet version look quaint? And my, then-columnist Nigella Lawson does look young (and her byline pic just goes to show that in those days she had what can only be described as newspaper hair, as opposed to the thick, glossy mane of television hair she sports today).

Sadly Paper Monitor cannot pull the same trick and dust off its own entry from 10 years ago - the Monitor was barely even a twinkle in the BBC News website's eye on that fateful day. In fact, the BBC News website itself wasn't born until several months after the princess's passing.

But all is not lost, fans of archive material. Its sibling, Politics97, roused itself from a post-election doze to cover Diana's death. And here it is, a commemorative link to 1997's Diana Remembered special section.

So that's the last Tunnock's tea cake for Paper Monitor then?

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