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10:26 UK time, Wednesday, 22 August 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Thanks to popular demand, here's the third instalment of the headline game. Can you guess the newspaper using the headline and the subtle clue?

Drinks threat to Harry’s polo club (Clue - which newspaper has a clientele who might play polo? Or someone who does? Or even just know the rules?... It's the Daily Telegraph of course.)

Tories advised Asian woman not to stand against a fellow Muslim (Clue - some newspapers feel obliged to underpin their silly season offerings with Ye Olde Westminster Story... the Times has to show its true colours)

HAS INGRID COPPED OFF? (Clue - it's a piece of tittle-tattle about the private life of the estranged wife of someone vaguely famous... it's the Sun.)

Hopes for renminbi float buoyed by liquidity move (Clue - it's the kind of headline that makes you feel like you're back at school being shouted at in Business Studies class... so it must be the Financial Times.)

Why fatties say everyone’s to blame but themselves (Clue - health coverage with a strangely aggressive note... the Daily Mail does it again.)

As a reformed addict, I can now see the full menace of a BlackBerry habit (Clue - a newspaper indulgent enough to let a columnist write about a phenomenon it first identified on 25 January 2001... it's the Guardian.)

Benefits of third runway at Heathrow ‘are exaggerated’ (Clue - serious, worthy and important... it has to be the Independent.)

Castrate the child perverts (Clue - it's a headline to a story, not an opinion column... it's the tough-on-crime Daily Mirror.)

Benefits bill for EU migrants trebles (Clue - only one paper is obliged to feature asylum seekers, Diana, the weather and house prices every week... naturally, it's the Daily Express.)

Doherty's cat is hooked on crack (Clue - there can be only one candidate... the indomitable Daily Star.)

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