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Paper Monitor

11:30 UK time, Tuesday, 21 August 2007

A daily service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

It's time for another round of Paper Monitor's favourite game - personality profiling by headline (ie can you guess the paper just from the headline?).

(Clue - it's about Madeleine McCann, it's on the front page, and it's an angle which goes unfollowed-up by the rest of Fleet Street... naturally it's the Daily Express.)

£40m waste of the 'Mickey Mouse' degrees
(Clue - there's wasted taxpayers' money, a few jokes at the expense of trendy subjects like 'Martial Arts and Adventure Tourism'... it's our old friends the Daily Mail.)

How film fans fell in love with subtitles
(Clue - it's about highbrow art-house films, a specialised and - dare one say it - not popular choice... yes it's the Indy)

More bank holidays and time off for dad is Tory idea (Clue - good news if you're a man, with a job and a family - and good press for the Conservative party. Unavoidably the Daily Telegraph.)

Ref who missed 'dive' paved Red Rom's drive (Clue - Paper Monitor doesn't have much idea what this story is about, but thinks it's something to do with football. But the combination of shorthand nomenclature, puns and unlikely angles means it's got to be the Sun.)

Everyone Loves a Loser (It's the Daily Express, though it might be a display of wishful thinking)

Incidentally a welcome should go to the Daily Mail which faithfully reprints the Jeremy Vine piece from Broadcasting House which featured in the Magazine yesterday.

One final note. A letter to today's Times reads: "Sir: Did not Mark Twain say that a banker is someone 'who will hire you an umbrella when it is fine, but wants it back when it is raining'?"

And who is it who has started speaking like Chris Eubank trying to spark up conversation with Stephen Fry? None other than Brian Harvey. Remarkable. How times change. (The possibility that the Times correspondent, Brian Harvey of Bristol, might not actually be the same Brian Harvey as Brian Harvey, E17, is one that Paper Monitor is not prepared to consider.)

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