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11:23 UK time, Wednesday, 8 August 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Well it's like this.

Either the staff of the Independent aren't fans of The Thick Of It, or they're happy to gloriously mock themselves.

Nothing else can explain today's front page. It's a dolphin under the headline "EXTINCT", which bears an alarming similarity to the cruel parody of the Indy in The Thick Of It (Paper Monitor, 4 July).

There's also a note of deja vu in the Daily Express where the headline "WE DIDN'T KILL OUR MADELEINE" carries much the same sentiment as the headline "WE ARE NOT SUSPECTS" from... 7 June.

Headline of the day award goes to the Daily Mirror whose effort of "HERE IS THE SPEWS" for a local news presenter who had to leave a broadcast in order to vomit.

There is also a gold star of a different kind for the Sun for the most delightful confusion of the day. Anybody seeing the headline "Veggie plot 'led to F&M disaster'" might be inclined to think sneaky vegetarians were leading a devious conspiracy to infect the nation's livestock with foot-and-mouth disease to undermine the nation's love of meat once and for all.

Except, the story is merely the allegation that a lab technician digging the vegetables on his allotment may have spread the disease.


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