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14:57 UK time, Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Maisy (Tuesday's letters), as I recall from childhood, the simple yet understated answer of "nearly" will satisfy most questions up until the child asks "where do babies come from?"
Basil Long, Newark, Notts

Has anyone read this without yawning?
Vincent, Worthing

Sorry Graham from Poole (Tuesday's letters) re: "If I was..." v "If I were pedantic". "Were" should only be used when an "if clause" states a situation that is untrue, impossible, or highly unlikely e.g. "If I were you", because I couldn't possibly be you, but "If I was pedantic" because I could be. And it seems I am.
Matthew, Wilmslow, UK

Punorama results: Can't Get Who Out Of My Head was used by The Sun before yesterday's competition even started. I'm surprised more people didn't submit it...
Ed, Clacton, UK

Non-scary headlines, pt. 45,230: "Gadgets threaten energy savings". Though it's slightly alarming that gadgets are now in a position to threaten us, the energy savings they're proposing don't sound worrying at all.
Edward Green, London, UK

Re Paper Monitor's comments on the Guardian TV review of Springwatch. Haven't you looked outside recently? It's much too wet to woo.
Jel, Swansea

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