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Paper Monitor

11:01 UK time, Friday, 27 July 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Paper Monitor is all a fluster. With its Magazine cohorts on holiday, and this harebrained idea from its host publication – the Magazine Monitor – to host a live letters page, Paper Monitor has hardly had a moment to digest this mornings daily press pickings.

But enough excuses… the show must go on.

Some two months into Monsoon Britain, the Sun has suddenly latched on to the stark contradiction inherent in its name - hence today's witty masthead rejoinder "…or should it be THE RAIN".

Very droll, but not as cheering as the headline on p28 "From heart op to chart top" heralding an interview with singer Kate Nash.

And just when you thought the paper was coming over all caring and PC, a few pages further comes this gem of arch tabloid sensitivity: "TRANSPOTTING" – "So lads, can you tell the ladies from the ladyboys?" The words grace a double-page spread of 14 over-made-up faces, some with discernibly square jaws chins and obvious Adam's apples.

Paper Monitor scored a dismal three.

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