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10:14 UK time, Thursday, 26 July 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

You can almost hear the collective splutter as Guardian readers choke on their outdoor-reared honey-seed morning muesli. The offending article - a G2 picture spread of the annual Turkish oil wrestling championships. While Guardian devotees would doubtless approve of this covering of a little-known ancient indigenous past-time, do they really have to use extra virgin olive oil as their lubricant of choice? Such wanton waste.Think of all those Able and Cole-delivered salad ingredients going wanting...

The Daily Express returns to the Madeline McCann story – announcing "NOW HER PARENTS FACE HATE CAMPAIGN" for a story about how the Leicester Mercury newspaper has closed its message boards on all Madeleine stories. "Madeleine's home town turns against her parents" says the headline inside. What, the entire population of Leicester? The image of several tens of thousands of people hammering out spiteful e-mails is somewhat diminished in the small print (otherwise known as the story itself) where the Mercury's editor blames a "tiny minority of people".

Which reminds Paper Monitor it hasn't been checking on the Daily Mirror's yellow "pray for her" masthead rose for Madeleine. It seems the rose disappeared sometime between 29 June and today.

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