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Paper Monitor

11:33 UK time, Thursday, 12 July 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Commuting. Pah! But at least it offers a chance to peruse said riches... unless there are signalling problems on the line (again) causing a crush and so no room to open the Times. The daily press indeed.

But what of the people sitting down as Paper Monitor presses its nose against the glass doors - what do they do with this precious time? Watch video iPod - check. Doze - check and check again. Read sports news in the Sun - check. Read The da Vinci Code - not a one, this ain't 2005.

Once off the Tube and given the space to mine the papers for news nuggets, a few sparklers come to light. Lib Dem Sarah Teather is Britain's shortest MP, says the Times' People column. Although there can't be much in it between Sarah and Hazel Blears - anyone seen a picture of the two together?

The same column also reveals that MPs' supporters have been maliciously editing the Wikipedia entries of rival politicians… from their parliamentary IP addresses. Rumbled, guys.

dress203.jpgAnd in case there was any doubt, this (pictured right) was the dress that made Princess Diana an icon, according to the (can you guess) Daily Express. This could be a feature that runs and runs.

Meanwhile, still no mention of dolphins in the Independent after last week's ribbing in The Thick of It, but the headline "CRUELTY" could have been deployed on today's poster front. Instead there's a quote from an American soldier which the paper says shows "the pattern of brutality in Iraq".

Speaking of the Indie, if any of you know when it last had a traditional page one rather than a poster front, you're not saying. The deadline for getting a mention has now passed. Sorry.

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