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10:40 UK time, Monday, 9 July 2007

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The tide has well and truly turned against the Live Earth concerts, in the UK’s press at least.

There have been mutterings over the last few weeks suggesting that, just maybe, carbon-quaffing rock stars were not the best messengers for tackling climate change.

As usual, like a reincarnated Rocky Marciano, the Daily Mail punches hardest. In its news story it carries a description of the event as "hypocritical", while it also covers low viewing figures and the swearing.

But the criticism pales in comparison with the broadside that columnist Peter McKay gives it later in the paper.

News reports of Madonna’s gas-guzzling vehicles are given prominence in his column, while the BBC is accused of being “idiotically compliant” and “pimping” in its presentation of both the Diana concert and Live Earth. Intriguingly, he also uses the word “pimp” in a separate segment on the BBC’s presentation of Alastair Campbell’s diaries.

But surely McKay goes too far when he turns his attention to a certain rock star and occasional Independent guest editor, who he accuses of banking abroad to avoid taxes in the Republic of Ireland, while preaching about Third World debt. (Name of rock star withheld for legal reasons).

Poor viewing figures are highlighted in the Daily Express, there is a note of negativity in the Guardian, the Times says “pop won’t save the world” and the Daily Telegraph rues all the litter generated.

But perhaps the real explanation of the cross-press antipathy lies in the Daily Star.
Its “exclusive” reveals bands refused to give interviews, press conferences were cancelled, and the hacks were fed “sandwiches filled with processed chicken and ham”.

Be warned event organisers of the world; under-feed the press and suffer.

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