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17:29 UK time, Friday, 15 June 2007

To Ralph in Cumbria, who question the 750-person limit of the new RHS glasshouse in Surrey. I'm sure they could get more that 750 people in if they took all the plants out, but then it wouldn't really be serving its purpose. Most large conservatory glasshouses only have narrow walkways for people in amongst the plants, so "only" being able to hold 750 people isn't that surprising.
Colin Edwards, Exeter, UK

A week of mitten kittens - polydactyl cats - would not be complete without mention of Ernest Hemmingway. He introduced a digitally superfluous tom cat to Key West where there is still a thriving colony of them, thought to be his descendants (the tom cat's, not Hemmingway's).
Chris, Witney, Oxon,

Am I the only one getting bored with all these size comparison letters? For me, they're starting to provide about eight Big Brother's-worth of tedium.
dave godfrey, swindon

Re Andy Nicholson's gripe about not being able to add yourself to the fantasy cabinet, there is a way, under "Fantasy Person", the second tab along. I have made myself Deputy Leader to stop all this squabbling, and installed Lily Allen and Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Education and Defence ministers, to get that all important 'yoof' vote.
KWalker, Runcorn

Does the Louisiana law on not showing your underwear also apply to overweight women showing off their thongs?
Ian, Ledbury, HFDS

I'm not so concerned about how to deliver half a baby. I'm more concerned by the relevant headline: "Birth surge stretches midwives"... to say nothing of the mothers.
Jon, Bishops Stortford

I've just logged on for the first time since last Friday [sorry, PM], and seen Mike Sweet's letter about [non-]colour blindness. I am one of the extremely rare women who are partially colour blind, mildly and on the green side of the spectrum in my case. Nevertheless, I function very well as a textile artist and I also make many a 3-D poem, all of which are full of colours. Also, the gene is not passed only through the female lineage as it was my father who was seriously colour-blind; there was no evidence of my mother's family being affected at all. And - to answer all the usual responses in advance - yes, I can tell the difference in traffic lights, and yes, I have read Wittgenstein's writing in the First World War trenches, and no, I didn't know I was colour-blind until an Ishihara test proved it.
Esh, Ballygowan, NI

Does the BBC know something about eternal life that we don't? According to this story, drinking cheap aftershave excessively means you are six times more likely to die than those who refrain. I always thought that death was pretty certain for everyone.
Rob, London

At what point does something become "Nearby"? This artwork by Banksy at Glastonbury echos that of "Nearby" stonehenge.. That's almost 50 miles away!
Trev, York

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