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15:57 UK time, Friday, 22 June 2007

A bumper crop to make up for yesterday's non-appearance.

"An hour's 'lights-out' in the capital could save enough power to run 3,000 televisions." Doesn't that defeat the object? "Oh, I'm glad we turned the lights off for an hour, Big Brother's about to start!"
Andy, London

Can people please stop emailing this story (Woman jailed for testicle attack)?
Yours with legs wincingly crossed,
Jack Hatfield, Brighton

Re today's DMQ - I hate to be a pedant but Lewis Hamilton did veer off-track briefly in the Australian Grand Prix in March...

Re the Bank of England's billion pounds-worth of £5 notes that the banks don't want to take, I'd be happy to offer Mervyn King the use of some storage space that I've got available in my wallet.
Bob Peters, Leeds, UK

I'm amazed that anywhere described as a village - as is the village of Alfred in NY state, where the obituary writers had their conference - should have one, let alone TWO universities. Is it massive or are the universities really small? In my Somerset village we think we're ahead of the game with our IT for the Terrified Centre.
Lucky Librarian, Somerset

Is Paper Monitor still on porridge? It's muesli for the summer, don't you know?
Basil Long, Newark Notts

I don't think FT buyers will be put off buying the paper at £1.30 a pop. Look at the mountains of Daily Mails and Suns sold on the Spanish Costas at two or three euros a time. Doesn't seem to put off the tabloid readership...
Ken, Hornchurch, Essex

At my office we have a selection of trash mags (that' the gossip type to those who may use a different term) of varying antiqueness, the oldest being May 2006. Having flicked before noticing this, I realised the mags could just reprint themselves each issue as the articles relate to people whose only claim to fame is themselves. With no connection to any single real world event, it makes absolutely no difference which mag I read, and in which order. The proof, of course, is our selection which no-one seems to have noticed is now a year old.
Nich Hill, Portsmouth

I don't want to kiss you anyway, Maisy in Milton Keynes (Wednesday letters), who complained that smokers taste yuck.
Hat, South Yorks

I noticed that a lake in Chile has disappeared, not to mention another terror suspect in Britain. It set me to wondering if things in general were disappearing more (I have a lot of free time) so I did a search on "disappear" on your site. And you know what? Everything's disappearing. Forests, strange signs, cygnets, even Staffordshire to disappear - and those were just a few from the past month or so. What's going on? Are things slipping, Torchwood-style, through a rip in the fabric of time? I'm worried. If you don't hear from me again it's because I've...
Sar, Somerset

Yay! Does number 1 mean I won? Does it? Does it?? It does, doesn't it?? Say it does!!
Sue Lee (Son of Stig), Twickenham

I see the Punorama results were delayed: punning late, were we?
Nick Jones, Dorking

Err... where have all the letters gone on Thursday? Am I the only person that has not gone to Glastonbury?
Nikki, Eastbourne

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