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16:33 UK time, Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Does the Vatican's paper on safe driving make any reference to standing up in the back of a moving vehicle without wearing a seatbelt?
Lee, Horsham

Re Flatten or save - if they do demolish Brunel roundabout in Slough, just what do they plan to replace it with? To prevent people just crashing into the side of the Ricky Gervais Exhibition Centre (or some such), there's going to have to be a roundabout - so isn't this just a renaming?
Aine, London

I was just wondering if any one else was disappointed when reading Volunteers sought for Mars test that it wasn't anything to do with chocolate?
Kate, Oxford, UK

When I saw Volunteers sought for Mars test, I was thinking my chocolately-dreams had come true! Darn you, BBC.
Ben Hill, Cardiff, Wales
Monitor note: That's be a "yes" then, Kate.

Now that absolutely ANYTHING can be classified as art, would anyone care to open bidding on a soon-to-be-released video of me parking my car *on my lawn*? I have spent 12 years studying art at a very prestigious university, if it helps...
Colin Main, Berkhamsted, UK

Why is it that just like "travellers" - as in globetrotting tourists - think that their trips mark them out somehow special and more interesting, smokers think the same thing about their own habit? Whereas in truth, the former are no more than glorified tourists, and the latter taste yuck when you kiss them.
Maisy, Milton Keynes

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