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15:23 UK time, Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Is it just me, or is Tony Blair's "feral beast" outburst not just a tad rich? If the media were such a problem to him, why, for instance, the repeated rush to be seen on TV with the likes of Messrs Gallagher, his "cool" buddies? But perhaps that's all the media is really for, rather than occasionally asking people to account for themselves.
Neil Franklin, Southampton, UK

They say you are never too old to learn and the story of a "polydactyl" proves it. It sounds like a type of prehistoric dinosaur but is, more humbly, a cat with more toes than the normal 18. The cat in question has 26 and to think they are more frequent in the next county to where I live. So maybe those sightings of big cats was not down to too much night out liquid?
Tim, Wales

Tell me, am I going mad(der), or does something not add up here? One of the Have Your Say threads had the following stats: Total comments: 2546, published comments: 1118, rejected comments: 60. Where did the other 1368 comments go? Is there a special Comment Heaven where they can blisfully spend their days spelling badly and drinking extra strong toner? The public demands to know (well, I do, anyway).
Starling, Lancaster, UK

Re: Mike Sweet: "Seb Coe is partially colour blind. No he is not, nobody is." I know of at least one person who is: me, for a few shades in the dark reds / browns. So,I'm afraid you're wrong, Mr Sweet, associate chartered colourist you may be. I am your living counter-example. Unless this is actually some attempt at politicially correcting away the perfectly reasonable, perfectly common term "colour blind".
Steven, Cambridge

I think this week's Punorama should have been substituted with a one-off 'fill in the missing blank' competition.
Nick Jones, Dorking

Excuse me, Cynosarge, but doesn't a week last seven days, including Saturday and Sunday? Changing the Paper Monitor subtitle to "A service highlighting the riches of the weekday press" doesn't change the meaning in the slightest!
Sharon Cutworth, King's Lynn, Norfolk

What on earth does a Chartered Colourist do?
Duncan, Hove

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