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Paper Monitor

10:39 UK time, Tuesday, 26 June 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Paper Monitor suspects tomorrow's Independent may be a little lacklustre.

That's because editor-in-chief Simon Kelner was skiving this morning, living it up on the panel of Five's live debate show, The Wright Stuff. Being a serious sort of chap, he does not feel motivated to make a major contribution on the burning issue of the day, "Overlapping Lovers".

One wonders whether auxiliary editor Bono is filling in while the boss man is away.

Talking of bosses, in the Daily Mirror, there is a beautiful pastiche of Reader's Digest, masquerading as a pull-out on new prime minister Gordon Brown. On the front cover, shot from below, Brown looks misty-eyed into the distance, perhaps at a herd of approaching growth targets or a gaggle of off-balance sheet debts.

Brown gets no such generous treatment in the Sun. Already there are strident demands for his first decision in office to be establishing a referendum on the EU. Among the most strenuous calls are from Page 3's Becky and Mel.

Mel says: "This is going to have a huge influence in how our country is run. It's only right Gordon Brown gives us a referendum."

Brown's new deputy, Harriet Harman, suffers a stinging attack in the Daily Mail from Quentin Letts. He reaches a high point when he suggests "her hairdo alone looked as though it had cost a hundred quid at least".

Paper Monitor is sceptical of Letts' ability to make that assessment.

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