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12:00 UK time, Friday, 15 June 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

There’s only one story in town for the Express, Mirror and Sun today. It’s child poverty in Guatemala.

Just kidding. It’s the arrest of erstwhile “TV funnyman” Michael Barrymore as part of a murder investigation. But by the usual standards of the papers, there is great restraint. So we move on.

The Times carries a charming photo of Baroness Thatcher and Cherie and Tony Blair being, well, less than whelmed to be in each other’s presence.


And over in the Sun there is the find of the day - a guide to doing a DIY version of the new Chelsea away strip. The Blue Peter-esque plan involves cyclists’ reflective strips and marker pen, and promises to cost no more than a tenner. The end result looks rather rubbish, and not an effective reply to pester power.

Perhaps tomorrow’s paper could carry instructions to turn a few sheets of paper and marker pen into a DIY Sun, saving you 35p.

Sometimes a headline comes along that is so tempting you have to return to it again and again.

Today it’s “Cornish nasties” in the Daily Mail’s Richard Littlejohn column (ok, it doesn't quite work for soft southerners). Perhaps the subs read the Express where that was the headline yesterday on the story about Cornish nationalists threatening trouble. Or the Sun, which plumped for the same headline yesterday, having already used it on 4 May on a feature.

Great minds.

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