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Paper Monitor

11:31 UK time, Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

What unites the following papers, beyond their "vituperative Niagara" (© Imogen Stubbs) against the new Olympic logo, noted, for your convenience, in brackets below?

The Daily Mail ("Is this the work of a painting chimp, Turner Prize artist, children's jigsaw maker, graffiti tagger… or trendy £400,000-a-go design agency?")

The Times ("An excuse for a logo?"; "Five good things about the 2012 Olympics logo… 5. If you yearned to live in a society where people have cause to use the phrase 'What were they thinking?', your boat may have come in.")

The Daily Express ("A mess, a scribble… yes it's our £400,000 new Olympic logo")

The Daily Mirror ("Olympic low-go!... and it cost £400,000")

The Sun ("Olympic spillage. £400,000 London logo looks like graffiti splat")

lloyds_tsb203.jpgThe answer: they're all happy to run a full-page Lloyds TSB advert (right) which uses said logo as its centrepiece… an acquiescence which presumably comes with a thumping cheque from Lloyds TSB.

There are two paradoxical conclusions that could be drawn from this uncomfortable juxtaposition. Being a champion of the press, Paper Monitor chooses not to see this as an example of Fleet Street hypocrisy, rather a brave statement that these papers can't be bought.

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