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Your Letters

17:33 UK time, Tuesday, 22 May 2007

In the letter from Adam, London, UK, he bemoans the performance of his local Council in matters "green". Unfortunately, Councils are the "piggy in the middle", and whatever they do, they just can't win. Like your small business, Councils have to cover costs. The Council has no control of business rates (National Non-Domestic Rates) - which as their name implies, are set by the government, so if they subsidised paper recycling for businesses, who would pay the subsidy? Yes, the residents, through Council Tax. Do you want your Council Tax to go up? Or do you live in a different borough entirely from the one where you operate your business, so you wouldn't mind THEIR Council Tax going up? Blame the government - instead of funding alternatives, the Government are going to fine Councils for Landfill above a certain quota, and have provided only limited funding for alternatives.
PJ, West Yorks,

Re the Cutty Sark discrepancies pointed out by Tuesday's Paper Monitor - a quick visit to the Cutty Sark website confirms the Times' assertion that more than 15 million visitors have been on board the ship. The Daily Telegraph could still be right, however, if 16+ million people have visited the ship; perhaps 1 in 16 visitors chooses not to go on board? Bet none of the papers picked up on that statistic.
Nick Jones, Dorking, UK

In response to Dave Barrance's question (Your letters, Monday), no it shouldn't - "Me and my font" is the correct grammar in the circumstances. The article is about me and about my font, hence "me and my font". If you and your font had been doing something together, it would be , "My Font and I".
Sharon Cutworth, King's Lynn

A rule of thumb is to take away the "and [whatever]" and note what you would use in that situation.
Colin Main, Berkhamsted

Dave Barrance asks whether the headline should be "My font and I. It is impossible to know as it is an incomplete sentence but if the beginning of the sentence were, for example, “An Article about…” then “Me and My Font” would be correct. However, my Dad taught me that it is always polite to mention the other person first so perhaps it should be, “My Font and Me.”
Catherine O, Maidenhead, UK

Your Daily Mini-Quiz isn't quite correct. Pater Damiaan is only the Greatest Belgian according to the Flemish. According to the Wallons, it was Jacques Brel.
Ashley, Ghent, Belgium

Re Rod Baber, the climber who made a phone call from the top of Mount Everest. Which phone network is he with?
Darren, East Prawle

So "Viagra could aid jetlag recovery" is top of your 'Most e-mailed' list. I'd have thought most people would already get enough Viagra-related e-mails without your readers adding to it...
Neil, London, UK

I agree with Natalie (Your letters, 21 May) on the absurdity of the Google Map directions from Paris to New York. Why not swim directly to New York, instead of coming ashore in Boston? Besides, Boston Harbour is pretty polluted!
Catrin, Boston, MA, US

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