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17:55 UK time, Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Babel Fish tells me that Germany's Eurovison entry Frauen Regier'n Die Welt roughly translates as "Mrs rules the World." Have these boys been talking to Sir Patrick Moore (Punorama)?
Kip, Norwich, UK

I voted for Starbucks in the mini-quiz, but not because I hate them, but because I thought others might. I mean, who could hate their cinnamon frascato? Oh boy.
Nicola Turton, Old Basing, England

Why the fuss over Spiderman 3? Your story about its UK opening weekend being double that of Hot Fuzz seems a tad unfair, since the latter is not a family-friendly blockbuster. Surely the telling statistic is that it took less than Casino Royale and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, and nowhere near the record set by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? Maybe people pay attention to bad reviews after all.
RP, Cambridge

In case any of you were as appalled as me at this Paris Hilton story but didn't have the nerve to look at the offending document yourselves, I thought I'd let you know that after a search on the ipetitions site I found 32 petitions: three for release, one about someone called Josh Hilton and the rest in favour of locking her up for a very long time. My faith in the internet as a tool for judging public opinion is somewhat restored after the shock of the original BBC story.
Jon, Gloucester

Do you have some kind of office sweepstake on how often you can get that red-eyed zombie picture on the front page of the UK's most established, and respected, online news website? In which case - cool!
Chandra, London

Didn't the Queen look really splendid in the US? I especially liked the hats. Well done Ma'am.
Trina, UK

I'm confused. Is Urbino supposed to be rustic-sounding or Italian-sounding (Paper Monitor)? If Italian-sounding, it would do because, unless I've lost the plot, it's a place in Italy. If rustic-sounding, it doesn't because it sounds like the word "urban" which, unless I've lost the plot again, is the opposite to "rustic". Help!
J Paul Murdock, West Midlands, UK

Can someone let the people in the picture in Echoes of another tremor know that I think their shadow puppetry is rubbish.
Hamish, Cambridge

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